The literary variant

Once again, we will have a new variant under the tree, upsetting the expected celebrations. Without being able to interweave our voices in the party, we can find refuge in literature. Here are six albums to live life differently.

From Saint-Laurent to the Nile

What better than a river to cross existence? The biggest rivers in the world, by Volker Mehnert, is a veritable “paper boat” inviting us to discover these rivers – 18 in all – which “draw the landscapes of the world” and shape “the lives of the men and women who inhabit them. shores ”. In the footsteps of Magellan, this expedition around the world is documented, teaching us about the history, fauna, flora and human activity carried by these rivers. We can blame some documentary thumbnails for lacking in flavor, but the visual quality of the album – thanks to Martin Haake – will not leave anyone indifferent. Magnificent colorful frescoes, the illustrations invite to a disorderly excursion, awakening our senses as only travel can.

Olympic pearls

The Olympic Games are upon us. Simon Drouin seizes the opportunity to go back in time and invite us to discover these trials which have sunk into oblivion. His Funny sports. Olympic curiosities takes the bet that failing to have been perpetuated, these sports are “witnesses of their time” and “all have their share of crisp anecdotes, disappointments and surprises”. The album covers summer games as well as winter, and while it could have skipped a few sports, it’s loaded with fun facts. Better still, Drouin sometimes adopts an oblique angle on the events, pulling us several frank laughs. We appreciate the playful composition of Cécile Gariépy’s illustrations, which also allow you to better visualize these little-known sports.

Migration of hearts

In 2019, Élise Gravel reminded us, with What is a refugee, that uprooted people “are above all human beings like all of us”. This time it’s Marie Mirgaine, with her delicate Ten more, ten less, which invites us to make room for everyone. For the occasion, we invite ourselves to Mouche, a woman who lives peacefully in her house. When she receives a visit from ten dogs looking for a home, she doesn’t ask herself a question: she makes room for them. Then arrive ten fish, owls, turtles, to whom she offers to share her roof: “Ten more, ten less, there is always room at home. One day, the cottage revolts and spits everyone out, reducing Mouche and his animals to the status of migrants. This violent and complex phenomenon is presented with finesse and simplicity in this fable with dreamlike illustrations, in chiaroscuro. Magnificent and poignant.

Nature in all directions

Can you hear me ? Ekaterina Trukhan, an album of great simplicity, is a double blow: it invites the youngest to discover their senses while making them aware of the living that surrounds them. With its DIY-like drawings and its fleeting words, it looks like an educational game. A find for your little ones.

Mourning beyond taboos

The biggest rivers in the world

Volker Mehnert and Martin Haake, Rue du monde, Voisins-le-Bretonneux, 2021, 48 pages. From 9 years old.

Funny sports Olympic curiosities

★★★ ​1/2

Simon Drouin and Cécile Gariépy, La Pastèque, Montreal, 2021, 64 pages. From the age of 8.

Ten more, ten less


Marie Mirgaine, Trapèze, Paris, 2021, 48 pages. From 3 years.

Can you hear me ?

★★★ ​1/2

Ekaterina Trukhan, Comme des géants, Varennes, 2021, 40 pages. For 2 years.

Coco, where are you?

★★★ ​1/2

Aurélien Galvan, M. Ed, Montreal, 2021, 64 pages. From 3 years.

The abode of heaven


Laura Nsafou and Olga Guillaud, Cambourakis, Paris, 2021, 48 pages. From 3 years.

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