Tears and Lambos, Cruzito

We must face the facts, these Feasts will be less dancing than we hoped. All the more reason to chase the blues by sticking a little Latino groove under the hat: after making a nickname for himself on the Latin American music scene ten years ago, Montrealer Cruzito is seeing his career take a turn for the worse. new development. Today artistic director of the Latin branch of the record company Joy Ride Records (Loud, Connoisseur Ticaso) and member of the YNG LGNDZ collective, he presents this new album of pop-R & B songs roasted by reggaeton / urbano-inspired rhythms signed Myztiko and Los Audio Kimikos. Tasteful, creamy and sweet like a raspado, the sound of Cruzito seduces, the singer’s soft voice convincingly defending his romantic ritornelles like the bomb Like yesterday, in a duet with his old friend Ken-Y from the Puerto Rican duo RKM & Ken-Y. On Cali (with Toronto colleague Fito Blanko) and the title track, he adds a dance / house touch to his arsenal. It’s light, attractive and above all, good for morale.

Tears And Lambos



Cruzito, Joy Ride Latino

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