Opening 2021: “It will be a difficult game, but we are going to reverse it,” Antigua GFC coach Roberto Montoya warns Malacateco

Antigua coach Roberto Montoya predicted a difficult game against Malacateco, but is confident that his team will make the comeback.

Antigua GFC is 90 minutes away from jettisoning an incredible campaign in which it finished as the leader with 46 points and broke some records it had set before. He is 90 minutes away from advancing to one more final, in which he could lift his fifth title.

Two mistakes in their visit to the Santa Lucía de Malacatán stadium, San Marcos, cost them dearly and they have one foot out of the Apertura 2021 tournament.

However, the Mexican strategist, Roberto Montoya, is confident that they will hold a perfect match, as before the first goal in the first leg, to come out ahead and reach one more final in their history and try to get their fifth league title.

“They won because we made two specific mistakes. They looked for the backlash and it worked for them on one occasion, at the end of the first half. The other goal was an error on the start and clearance ”, Montoya summed up in the first leg against Malacateco.

He assured that it was a very intense match, not only because of the ambient heat, but also because of the rebound of the synthetic grass. In addition, he said, the center-back allowed a strong game against skilled players like Carlos el Gullit Peña.

“Malacateco is betting on the counterattack, but we are going to counter it. I trust the comeback ”.
Roberto Montoya, coach of Antigua GFC.

Even so, he expressed, it is no excuse, and in the round that they will play on Saturday, December 25, at 6:00 p.m., in the Pensativo, they will start from the first minute to match the series.

“I believe in the comeback, of course. We have how, and we show it. Now we will be in our home, our stadium and with our conditions ”, said the Mexican strategist.

Yesterday the panzaverde did regenerative work, after traveling for more than eight hours from Malacatán to Antigua.

He does not report injuries and ensures that his approach will not change, but he will make some adjustments, which he did not reveal, to prevent the bulls from surprising them again in the counterattacks. “We hope to reverse this adverse marker,” he said.

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