On the fourth day under a state of siege, ministers of the Interior and Defense visit Sololá

Last Monday the Executive Branch issued a state of siege for the municipalities of Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán and Nahualá, areas that are under a territorial dispute that last week left a massacre with 13 people dead.

Immediately, after the exceptional measure, the Congress of the Republic in an extraordinary plenary session ratified it, leaving firm the presidential provisions that seek to stop the aggressions between the two community groups in the department of Sololá.

And as part of these measures that seek to mitigate the attacks in the area, Gendri Reyes, Minister of the Interior, together with Henry Reyes Chigua, Minister of Defense, reached the border between the two municipalities on December 24.

The officials met with community leaders to listen to their proposals and inform them that the deployment of the security forces is only to provide protection in the area, protect nearby communities and prevent further acts of aggression.

This is the first public activity documented by the new head of the Ministry of Defense.

To a week

Last Friday, December 17 and early on Saturday 18, an armed confrontation was reported between the communities that dispute the territorial limit between Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán and Nahualá, in the department of Sololá.

After them, when the security forces and aid bodies were able to attend the place, they documented the death of 13 people, which caused demonstrations by community members in search of justice and the emergency measure issued by the presidency.

Experts emphasize that this conflict is not new and only issuing an exception does not provide a real solution to the problem, so in addition to dialogue tables they consider the participation of the churches and ancestral authorities of the Mayan worldview to be prudent, so that together they can bring peace to the area.


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