Motorist dies when a vehicle falls on him while traveling on a street in zone 7

On the afternoon of this December 24, at 33 avenue and 40 street in the Amparo 2 neighborhood, zone 7 of the capital, a vehicular incident was recorded that left one man dead and one more injured, the Volunteer Firefighters reported.

According to the rescuers, who obtained details of the incident from the accounts of neighbors who witnessed the incident, the driver of a car lost control of the vehicle and fell down a wall of about 10 meters into a street where a motorist was traveling.

The driver of the vehicle was transferred with injuries to a care center, guarded by agents of the National Civil Police, who intervened among neighbors who tried to beat him for having caused the fatal accident.

According to the eyewitness account, the pilot was driving while intoxicated and this would have been the reason why he lost control of the car and caused the death of the motorist.

The fatal victim of the accident was a man who was not identified because he did not have an identity document. Neither did any of the neighbors recognize him as a neighbor of the sector.

The traffic authorities have warned that during December and due to driving under the influence of liquor, traffic accidents have increased, causing death or injury to drivers, crew members or pedestrians, so during these festivities they keep alcohol operations to avoid accidents

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