Love on the Beat, Alex Beaupain

In Love on the Beat, Serge Gainsbourg’s penultimate studio album released in 1984, rub shoulders with le salace (the title song, Kiss Me Hardy, Lemon Incest) and elegance (immense Sorry Angel) on synthetic funk music which, if it seemed to age less well than that of a classic like Melody Nelson story (1971), were reconsidered with the comeback of the sounds of the 1980s. Singer-songwriter Alex Beaupain is such a fan of this “underrated” album, he says, that he re-recorded it. . The result is surprising and respectful: by modernizing the rhythms, it gives life to songs like No Comment and I’m the Boy, well served by the groove house. Above all, these new versions all benefit from judicious string orchestrations, as if Beaupain were seeking to raise this end-of-career repertoire to the level of the great songs of the end of the 1960s. More than a curiosity, his Love on the Beat turns out to be an inspired tribute.

Love on the Beat

★★★ 1/2


Alex Beaupain, Because Music

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