Licht der Welt, Christiane Karg and the Bavarian Radio Choir

Now is the time to download or listen to on demand by the fireside this holiday season. This “Christmas walk” brings together a soprano, an excellent melody specialist, and a pianist, an original prerogative in a territory more covered by choirs. Disc more “intellectual”, therefore, than popular or atmospheric for the occasion, light of the world (light of the world) brings together Christmas-themed melodies by great composers. Among the 24 tracks, 10 are Germanic and German-speaking, but as the first third of the CD is in German, many French-speaking people are likely to drop out before the eight French tracks (Fauré, Ravel, Massenet, Gounod, Chaminade, Rossini). Hispanic and Scandinavian universes are also covered in this sweet ballad of arias of touching simplicity. It is the comfort, the human warmth that Christiane Karg seeks to convey. In this confident art, pianist Gerold Huber is a high-caliber partner, the choir only appearing on five tracks.

light of the world



A Christmas stroll, Christiane Karg, Bavarian Radio Choir, HM 902 399

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