“La Gorda”, the alleged leader of a criminal gang in Mexico who was killed by hitmen

Héctor Rodolfo “N”, alias “La Gorda”, alleged leader of the criminal organization “Los Rodolfos”, dominant in the Xochimilco mayor’s office, was shot to death on the afternoon of recent Thursday in the streets of the Tlalpan mayor’s office, various media reported.

In addition to this subject, Daniel “N” who was with him in a mustang without license plates also died. The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reported that a woman was arrested for allegedly stealing money from the clothes of one of the victims.

Police reports report that the two victims, aged between 30 and 40, were accompanied by Héctor’s ex-wife and another woman and were heading to a shopping center to buy Christmas gifts after eating at a restaurant.

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The events occurred in Eje 2 Oriente, Canal de Miramontes, Villa Coapa neighborhood, next to the Narciso Mendoza housing unit of the aforementioned mayor’s office. Presumably, two people on a motorcycle approached the car with Guerrero plates, when it was in circulation, and fired at the victims on at least eleven occasions. Presumably another car was involved in the crime, according to a note published in Proceso.com.mx

Forensic experts arrived at the scene of the crime to lift the bodies. These and the car were transferred to the Territorial Coordination Tlalpan 4. The Public Ministry of the Prosecutor’s Office for Strategic Investigation for the Crime of Homicide, of the General Coordination of Strategic Investigation, started an investigation folder after the double crime, the publication added.

Héctor Rodolfo was arrested on August 10, 2020 in possession of firearms and drugs. On that occasion, he was sentenced to five years in prison, however, he was released after posting two bonds.


According to the authorities Héctor Rodolfo, alias “La Gorda” and / or “El Toledo”, was the leader of “Los Rodolfos”, a criminal group that operates in the south of the capital, mainly in the municipalities of Tlalpan, Xochimilco and Milpa Alta. , says a report published in sinembargo.mx.

Likewise, it was considered one of the main generators of violence in the south of Mexico City and even in some municipalities of the State of Mexico. In addition, he had a dispute over territorial control with other criminal groups, the publication adds.

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“La Gorda” was not only responsible for the sale and distribution of drugs in the southern part of the city, but also extorted public transport, bars and restaurants in the region. He was also accused of carrying out legal logging in protected natural areas south of the country’s capital.

VIDEO: Network users uploaded images of the crime scene


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