Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined, Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Since its reissue four years ago, the album Keyboard Fantasies (whose extremely rare copies were originally published in 1986) by Canadian composer Beverly Glenn-Copeland is finally receiving the attention it deserves. A little gem of soaring electronic songs that borrow from soul, folk and avant-garde music, today reinterpreted or remixed by new ears, and not just any: those of the fascinating Arca, of the brilliant Julia Holter, of Bon Iver, of Blood Orange, of the American violinist and singer Kelsey Lu, who gives wings to Ever New, Glenn-Copeland’s voice magnified by these delicate orchestrations of strings and synths. All of them, in their own unique way – with plucked strings at Bon Iver, with voice samples at Arca -, underline the bewitching and atmospheric dimension of the original songs. At the end of the album, Maliseet composer and singer Jeremy Dutcher offers a moving interpretation of Ghost House (1970).

Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined



Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Transgressive Records

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