“It was never my intention to hurt anyone”: Adela Micha apologizes after comment on the health of Silvia Pinal

After a video was released in which the Mexican journalist, Adela Micha, assured that Silvia Pinal “dies soon,” through her social networks, she shared a statement in which she apologizes to the family.

This week the journalist was the target of criticism on social networks because she did not realize that her production had not finished live, so she continued to speak as she commonly does and among the comments she made was that Silvia Pinal “It doesn’t take long anymore. to die ”.

“Do we have something prepared for Silvia Pinal? She dies soon, eh, because they better not write me something and I record it for her”, “One, Two, I have many interviews with her so that they can put something together, I think I already know He is going to die ”, the driver is heard saying in the video.

The incident earned the renowned journalist criticism. One TikTok user said: “That’s how frivolous reporters are, they just think about giving the note. Does it sound cruel to hear how they express themselves from a being who is fighting for his life ”. But there were also those who defended it, pointing out that the media must be prepared to announce this type of event.

Out of context

The journalist immediately apologized and assured that her words were taken out of context. He mentioned that he was organizing an interview with Alejandra Guzmán and that he had commented “don’t go to die because she’s older, she gets Covid, she’s 91 years old, she had heart failure six months ago and I said ‘I’m going to call Alejandra, prepare the interview ‘to illustrate’.

Micha added that it is not “lack of tact” and that on television it is necessary to exemplify the facts. In final comments, he asserted that “that is what a reporter does” and “does not mean that he loves the family deeply,” according to a note published on telediario.mx.

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Regarding the health of the diva of the Pinal dynasty, it is known that she is stable and there is only concern for her urinary tract. The family assures that the matriarch is strong and that she will succeed.

The renowned journalist issued a statement on her social networks

VIDEO: This was the controversial recording that earned the Mexican journalist criticism


“It doesn’t take long for Silvia Pinal to die” -Adela Micha. #AdelaMicha #SilviaPinal

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