In the footsteps of Tex Lecor (full album), Johnny Pilgrim

Last year, so to speak at the same date, we discovered six titles of the Tex Lecor project by Jean Pellerin, said Johnny Pilgrim, and we were stirred, upset, even dismantled. We had time to pick up and put our pieces back together, almost time to forget how powerfully this guy’s slap was sent. Here is finally the complete album, six titles in addition, where the most weather-beaten backpacker in California follows in the footsteps of Tex in more familiar paths: the hymn to the uprooted St-Scholastique Blues, the very trad Therefore paddle, it recalls the atmosphere Under my roof (after the building is on fire, anyway). Rough realization of Eric Goulet, suitable instrumentation of the Mountain Daisies, it is what one calls a kept promise. We want that in 33 rpm. Yes, it’s available on the Bandcamp page of the DeVizu label, and the vinyl cake would cost an arm and a leg, but I believe Johnny Pilgrim can’t travel otherwise. Besides, he sings it, like Tex: We have to get back on the road.

In the footsteps of Tex Lecor (full album)



Johnny Pilgrim, DeVizu Music

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