I’m coming back to get you, Gilbert Bécaud

We were indignant at the polka dot tie in Le Figaro of last November 17: “How could Bécaud have been so forgotten? As the twenty years of death approached, zero voltage in the air. Reason given: what interest without the stage? Nonsense: with us, the tribute You, Bécaud and me combining Denise Biron and Alain Lecompte rejoices. Maneuver that excitement, then? It is possible. An organic bio is emerging at the right time (Bécaud: we are coming to get you) and a “digipack” of three additional disks (I come back for you). Commemoration there is therefore. We will complain that the records, sold without the book, are a bit lacking in information, but that does not detract from the proposed thematic treble. 1. Anthology of success. 2. Unpublished show from 1975, sacred performance. 3. Nice package of “covers and rarities”. There are “Canadian versions” (collaborations with Aznavour, in 1960…), as well as a duet with Martine St-Clair. I rather retain a “Medley 1963” intended for Americans. Yes, electrifying.

I come back for you

★★★ 1/2


Gilbert Bécaud, Parlophone/  Europe 1

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