How to choose the bed for dogs and cats?

There is a wide variety of beds on the market, depending on their materials, sizes and shapes, so it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one for your pet.

It is important to determine where the animal will sleep to choose a mattress or a bed, explains Verónica Wug, Marketing Manager at Banana-Pet. We must also take into account the size and weight of the pet, to acquire the bed in which it can sleep peacefully. You have to consider that there are dogs that like to chew on the beds, so they should have toys at their disposal to avoid damaging them, Wug recommends.

In this regard, Mónica Leiva, manager of PetClick GT, points out that beds for dogs and cats must be resistant to bites and scratches, which can quickly deteriorate those that are not of good quality. We must also take into account the manufacturing materials and not so much the aesthetic aspect, he adds.

It is essential to change the bed or mattress as soon as it is damaged, because if the animal ingests the stuffing, it can even cause death, says Leiva.


Free Press Photo: courtesy of PetClick GT

This bed, with an original design and in the shape of a donut, is made of eco-friendly PV velvet, whose threads are 4 cm high. It is filled with polypropylene cotton, safe and non-toxic, which provides a warm feeling. The lower central base is non-slip. Hand washing is recommended to keep the plush soft.

Special for travel

Free Press Photo: courtesy of Banana-Pet

This mat type bed – mattress – is used especially for kennels or transport boxes. It is ideal for dogs to travel comfortably or to place them inside their houses so that they have a better rest, by providing them with a welcoming environment.


Free Press Photo: courtesy of PetClick GT

Fits pets of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Its lining is made of reinforced suede and is filled with recycled polyester. The surface is made of soft orthopedic foam to help cushion the joints. It is washable and the low entry height allows easy access for small pets.


Free Press Photo: courtesy of Banana-Pet

Made with fabric that repels water. They can be conveniently cleaned with a damp cloth. It has a zipper to remove the cover for easier washing. It is ideal for indoors as well as outdoors, as the surface material is also resistant to weathering and bites.


Free Press Photo: courtesy of PetClick GT

This round bed is perfect for cats, but can also be used by small breed dogs. Elegant in design, it is made of thick foam. The base is waterproof and the cover can be removed for easy laundering. The bottom is non-slip.

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