First episode of the miniseries “La Herencia” takes place in Panajachel

The short film created by the Guatemalan studio ICAN-B Animation tells the story of Maya, a five-year-old girl from Quiché, who upon seeing a mysterious glow enters the forest and discovers a sad reality. On her adventure she is accompanied by Baktún, a wise, helpful and conceited quetzal.

“This idea arises from the need to promote care and love for nature in society. Through animation it is intended to promote and make known the culture and unique and beautiful landscapes of Guatemala as never before. The story takes place in Panajachel, Sololá, one of the most iconic places in Guatemala ”, reads the short film’s website.

On December 4 they released the trailer for the miniseries, and this December 20 the first chapter was released. The video, which lasts 9 minutes and 21 seconds, begins with the arrival of Maya’s family in Panajachel, Sololá. In the first scenes you can see the landscapes and typical food of Guatemala, such as tamales, corn atol and toasts of salsa, guacamol and beans.

Maya, while going to explore the forest in which she and her parents decided to have a picnic, meets with Baktún. When he finds a stone, his life takes a turn and the adventure begins. The episode is available on YouTube.


In addition to the publication of the first chapter, the game “The Adventures of Maya & Backtun” is now available for iOS and Android devices. “The game contains the characters and landscapes of the short film, which shows images inspired by the landscapes of Guatemala and you will also be able to see the game in Spanish, English and Kaqchikel”, the description reads.

The video game encourages memory.

The game is priced at $ 0.99, which helps the ICAN-B Animation team continue to produce more “The Inheritance” chapters.

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