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It’s all thin, all sober, illustrated just enough, lining up on 64 pages the relevant facts and figures. It is called The 27 songs nThe 1 of the Beatles. Why 27? Two reasons. It appears in Les Heures bleues editions in the “Les 27” collection (as in 27 historic places to discover, 27 songs that left their mark on Quebec, And so on). And the Beatles turned out to be at the top of the Record Retailer charts 27 times. et du Billboard. Bel adon.

It went without saying that Laurent Lavigne, long director of the “Chansons et monologues” collection at VLB in addition to being an early fan, devotes a volume of the “popular science and documentary” series to his dear Beatles. A start in terms of quality, that is not useless. Especially now.

Indeed, for a decade, album by album, the fiftieth birthdays have followed one another, with their boxes overflowing with archives. The specialized works, which want to be more and more definitive, have gained weight: it goes from Beatles Covered, which brings together 14,000 pouches from all over the world, at It’s crazy but that’s all, by Gilles Valiquette, “record tour of the Beatles in Canada” in 703 pages. Two bricks among others.

A brick wall, yes, threatening to bury the millennials and the following, who rediscover the LPs and see the richness of an ageless repertoire. This book is for them. Wikipedia in 27 times better. Each number one of the charts is placed in the historical context, one does not summarize too briefly the circumstances of the recording (including the list of the instruments used), the whole livened up with some selected anecdotes.

There is everything you need to want to go further: Lavigne has cleverly taken advantage of the checks and cross-checks that the aforementioned bricks allow. To the point where the more beatlephile reader will find something to enrich a personal database more porous than what he imagined. Revising the base always means filling in gaps. Believe a former reader ofHistory of rock.

Les 27 chansons no 1 des Beatles Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


Laurent Lavigne, The Blue Hours, Montreal, 2021, 64 pages

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