Christmas this year will have something more of its sadness

I have always felt a bit of sadness when Christmas comes, especially in the last evening before. During the beautiful tradition of the Christmas tamale, at the bottom of my spirit there are some tears invisible to others, and I manage to hide them behind bitter and pained smiles. In silence, I think about who was at that meeting last year. I am affected by the meetings with two empty places at night and that happened to me with the death of my father and my mother, who fulfilled their long and valuable life. It was part of the natural destiny. But this year nine friends died. The worst thing was the trip of my sister María Inés, deserving of a longer life, who succumbed to the attack of the diabolical covid-19 and it has been difficult for me to accept it.

But it wasn’t just her. Several friends with whom I had lived a good part of my life also fell victim. I myself was a victim of the virus, despite the precautions, but by the grace of God I managed to escape from evil, although I still had some consequences, of little importance when compared with the possibility of death. I’m not afraid of him and on three previous occasions he leaned out of my window but couldn’t get in. I have thought a lot about those who left orphans and spouses now with the pain of widowhood. I have tried to convince close people in the need to be vaccinated, so as not to have greater and indissoluble seriousness. Over time I realized that I could not do anything if they have made the wrong decisions in my opinion. Just regret it.

Another cause for feeling distressed at a higher level from other years is the disrespect for human life of those who occupy positions from which you can help save some. Human perversity, the most complete irresponsibility, has been demonstrated as never before, and that is saying a lot in our midst. The relatives of the victims of their own decision or of bureaucratic irresponsibility still deserve solidarity, as there are still men and women of good will, and thus the spirit of peace and brotherhood proclaimed by the Catholic religion, shared with others, can be maintained. religions and sects that follow Jesus Christ. Despite all the evidence of human evil, hope remains and must be maintained, but it is a very difficult test.

The Christmas spirit manifests itself especially in children, either with the luck of having good parents, or the pain of being innocent victims of irresponsibility, especially of men for whom fatherhood is reduced to a few minutes of enjoyment. This is very common in a country where respect for women is still in its infancy, who is now being seen not as the nest of life, but as someone convinced that she lacks that privilege. Christmas, then, for centuries has the particularity of being a time of reflection on the responsibility of allowing the permanence of the human species. Of course, those who think in this second way deserve respect, although never admiration, except in very particular cases to save their lives.

All reflection brings pain, although knowing a truth is important to improve the human race. Already in a less gloomy environment, any way of thinking should not be a reason to stop wishing Merry Christmas to the people located in our environment, especially close ones. To whom one loves and they love us; to whom one loves but does not realize it or does not deserve it; to those who love you, but you don’t realize it. That is why Christmas has a huge base of love, from the first Christmas Eve in the poor old manger where the Magi came to present gold, incense and myrrh because the king of kings had been born in the light of the star of Bethlehem, present this year, to our joy, with the astral conjunction of less than a month ago.

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