Christmas 2021

One hundred years ago it started on a Saturday, 2021 starts on a Friday. It seems that this regression in the days represents, in the Gregorian calendar, that adherence to the roots while the future is glimpsed. On December 21, 1920, Alicia Ernestina de la Caridad del Cobre Martínez del Hoyo was born in Havana, Cuba. He dies ninety-eight years later, ending 2019.

When she married Fernando Alonso, she began an artistic career without parallel around the world in dance, ballet and the art of the 20th century. The presentations of her perfect artistic movements, extremely audacious, earned her the admiration of the world without distinction of religious faith or political ideas.

Alicia Alonso, as she has been known since her marriage, was blinded by a detached retina since she was 19 years old. The initial idea is repeated. He was born in 1920 and died in 2019. However, when performing on stage, including in prodigious jumps in Paris, Vienna, Milan and works such as Romeo and Juliet, the current creation of the Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty of the Forest and multiple representations that require an impressive technique and precision, they formed a whole generation of art.

Christmas 2021 reminds me of her. His drive, his courage so that no one would notice what he needed (his sight), but rather what he was able to give humanity: the art of the twentieth century. 41 years ago he interpreted the science fiction collection of poems The Dead City of Korad, whose epic is compared with universal classics such as the Greek epic The Iliad, with dactyl hexameters (one long syllable and two short ones), replicated by authors such as Francisco Gavidia in his work Magnificence Spiritual, where it claims the usefulness of responsible life for a civilization.

I have lived the twentieth century, its Guatemalan Christmas in the midst of fantasy and reality, which brings me wonderful memories of how important that wonderful unity with who we are and what we manifest was for the generation that preceded us.

Christmas is the joy of the earth; speed, fluidity and delicacy. The weeks of Advent prepare us for full relaxation before the festivities of 2022. And it is that we really begin a century. Many agree that the century that precedes us began with the end of the Great War and ends precisely in the celebrations of 2021. We are beginning a new era of the world.

Although it lacks a heuristic term that defines it, that there is confusion, little clarity, as long as there is the appropriate term that identifies it, Christmas is the present term that restores hope to all those who one bad day lost it.

This huge block of civilization that began in the seventeenth century and ended in 1920 ended with the secularization of science, morality, and Law, making Europe, America, Russia and Japan fall into a potential annihilator of the human force to love and forgive. .

That bipolarity of the world that ends this December, with the elimination of the need for profit without measure, of consumption, which has only led to social degradation and decadence.

Christmas 2021 is a hope. That confidence of Alicia Alonso to be released blindly in the air, trusting that her art partner would reach her in the air and take her to a safe place, I hope that every Guatemalan feels it this Christmas, glimpsing with faith a 2022 of peace.

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