Authorities report heavy traffic on Christmas Eve

The traffic authorities assigned to the metropolitan area warn of heavy traffic on Christmas Eve, so they recommend motorists and motorists to drive wisely to avoid unfortunate events delaying their Christmas schedule.

Roger Escalante, from the Mixco Municipal Police, added that only in that jurisdiction the transit of half a million vehicles is expected for this December 24 and added that the traffic will intensify from three in the afternoon.

“This day will be one of the busiest of the year, before this we have 75% of the operating force supporting the regulation of the different conflict points,” he said.

The points where the greatest traffic jam is expected will be at the entrances to shopping centers and markets.

Escalante also added that they expect greater circulation to the west of the country, so they maintain surveillance and control in the areas of the Roosevelt road, Inter-American route, San Cristóbal and the north side of Mixco.

Meanwhile, the Villa Nueva traffic authorities indicated that at the moment they report a fluid traffic and if necessary they will work reversible lanes to El Frutal.

Amilcar Montejo, spokesman for the Municipal Transit Company of Guatemala City, added that from December 23 to Christmas Eve, more than half a million vehicles transit. The routes with the greatest impact are those around the 47 shopping centers, markets and squares in the city.

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