Adela Micha on Silvia Pinal: “It doesn’t take long to die from covid-19”

The Mexican journalist Adela Micha caused controversy during her television program because, without knowing that she was out in the air, she said that Silvia Pinal, the 90-year-old Mexican actress who was diagnosed with covid-19, “no longer takes to die” while asking His production team prepare material and images for the time of death that has not yet occurred.

“It doesn’t take long to die. I have many interviews with her, so that they can put something together. I say that he is going to die, “said Micha in a cut of the television program that continued to be broadcast on the Internet.

Silvia Pinal entered the Médica Sur hospital in Mexico City on Wednesday and remains hospitalized with a diagnosis of covid-19. Her daughter, singer Alejandra Guzmán, reported that the actress was admitted to the hospital due to hypotension in addition to a cardiac arrhythmia, later she was diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

The family is calm, since the signs of the 90-year-old actress are stable and she is fully conscious. The interpreter already has the complete vaccination schedule.

The apology for the comment

Minutes after interviewing Alejandra Guzmán exclusively, Adela Micha realized that the networks were strongly criticizing her for her comment alluding to Pinal’s health.

For this reason, Micha apologized, first on the air and then in a tweet regarding what he said and assured that it is “something that a reporter does” and that he was only preparing for the interview with Guzmán.

“It was never my intention to hurt anyone. I sincerely offer an apology, ”the journalist wrote.

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