A female dog and her puppies save a newborn who was abandoned in India

The news went viral on networks due to the unusualness of the case since the newborn was found next to a litter of canines that sheltered her. The moving story has been around the world in the last few hours.

During the night of December 21, a newborn baby was found, still with the umbilical cord, in the den of some puppies who gave her help after being abandoned.

Everything seems to indicate that the little girl was left to her fate in the rural area of ​​the Chhattisgarh region, in India. At some point in the night, the girl was found by a stray dog ​​who took her to her resting den, where she also rests with her young, the newspaper reported. The Mirror.

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The newborn spent in the place all night, covered with the warmth of the animals and the “boss” of the herd who, apparently, made a gesture of “solidarity” with the defenseless baby and offered her support so that did not die because of the low temperatures, according to a note published in eltiempo.com.


The next day, some locals found the newborn around 11 a.m. after the crying of the baby caught their attention. They told the media that the little girl was in perfect health and, amazed, added that it was a miracle that she survived.

The baby was named Akanksha by the locals, who took her to a local health center to determine her health.

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The local authorities informed the Ministry of Panchayat, a local government entity, so that the case could be investigated and the minor’s parents found. Otherwise, the newborn will be left at the disposal of the child protection entities of that country.

Child Line Project, a foundation that is responsible for ensuring the safety of children and adolescents, is already aware of the case, so if the biological parents are not found, this organization will take over Akanksha.

The minor was rescued by residents of the area and handed over to the authorities. (Photo: @bastaria_sanjay).


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