21 Days of Happiness: Santa Claus Gives Gifts (Day 21)

Santa Claus brightens the lives of children who are looking forward to his arrival.

Every year Don Hugo Donis dresses as Santa Claus to bring gifts to needy children. But, on this occasion, he decided to visit the children of Fares, where they take care of and host children who suffer from cancer and who live in the interior of the country, but who travel to the capital to receive chemotherapy treatment and attend their medical consultations.

“The boys who are here are all those who receive chemotherapy in the hospital, this is a home where after receiving chemotherapy, they come to rest and can stay for as long as they need with their parents,” explained Mr. Hugo Donis dressed as Santa Claus.

With the traditional “ho ho ho”, Don Hugo entered Fares where the children were already waiting for him to receive their presents.

They reacted excited to see him, especially the little ones, who screamed with excitement.

Then Santa explained that he brought them several presents for Christmas, since he was watching them and “they behaved very well.”

Santa Claus stressed that what he most wishes for this Christmas is for them to be cured and for God to keep and protect them throughout this process, which is very complicated, both for them and for their parents.

The goal is to give these children a little happiness and to cheer them up through all the hard times that it means to have cancer and to be in treatment.

“We share with them because it is Christmas time and we want to give them a gift, hugs and a delicious dinner,” emphasized the cheerful character in red who means so much to children at Christmas.

The moment of gifts

Then Santa Claus began to call each of the children to deliver their gifts.

He already had the names of the children, as he requested the list of the boys who were going to be at Fares that day.

With enthusiasm each one of the little ones passed by and received their gift. Also, Santa congratulated two of the children who had their birthday on that day.

The most difficult thing for Santa is knowing that these boys are fighting a very difficult battle, that day several of the little ones to whom he had planned to give a gift could not receive it, since they went to the hospital on an emergency basis.

Santa left them their gifts, so they can receive them on their return, but the situation is often very complicated.

Don Hugo Donis, commented that he has already been to Fares several times, once a month he arrives and brings them lunch, but it is the first time that he disguises himself as Santa Claus to go to this place.

“We are at the Fares home once a month to accompany the children who are ill, to have lunch with them and this time Santa visits this home to have dinner with them,” explained Don Hugo Donis.

“Santa feels happy and proud to be with the children and mainly, to see the smile of each one of them, believe me that it is very happy to see the smile of a child who has been quite ill and that fills my heart” added.

Don Hugo, has spent several years dressing up as Santa in other places such as the pediatrics at the Roosevelt Hospital and in Tecpán.

This is Santa’s message for this Christmas:

“For all the children and all the people this December 24 we wish that all those who are ill be cured, we know that God will listen to us.”

With this story one more year of 21 Days of Happiness culminates, remember that only good will is enough to carry out actions that will change the lives of others, any day.


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