You bought a lush Christmas tree online but when you received your package you were shocked

The young woman shared her reaction on TikTok, where she shared the process of how her purchase improved.

She ordered a “lush” Christmas tree but was shocked with what she received.

Christmas shopping started a few weeks ago and some people prefer to do it online.

However, these types of acquisitions do not always turn out to be what is advertised and for her it was no exception.

It was not expected

When the order arrived home it was a huge surprise and not necessarily a pleasant one.

Fortunately the young woman took it with humor, decided to put it together and make it “leafy” herself.

What would be a 1.82 meter Columbia pine that he got at a price of US $ 10, was finally a much lower quality object than he had in mind.

The reaction of @ lils.drum on TikTok was shared on that social network and drew attention for the humor with which she took it.

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With almost half a million reactions and thousands of comments, her publication has been shared thousands of times, because she decided to decorate it the best she could and show it on the social network.

Some garlands, ornaments and the branches a little better distributed, the piece took a different shape, but it was still far from what the woman expected, so the users advised her to fill it with more ornaments.

VIDEOS: This is the sequence of videos shared by the young woman on TikTok


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