Woman who saved her 4-year-old son from pet pit bull attack dies

The story of Heather Pingel, 35, who lived in Wisconsin, USA, has caused a stir on social networks, as she died from the seriousness of the injuries of the attack of her pet pitbull after she saved her son from 4 years.

Several American media have published the sad story of this family.

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After eight days of consternation, the unfortunate news was confirmed: Heather died after being hospitalized with serious injuries after being attacked by the pit bull of the house.

Two weeks ago, she suffered the wild attack of the pit bull that she had as a pet, to prevent the animal from killing her 4-year-old son Damion.

Apparently, according to Shane, his sister, the youngest had a fall on the stairs of the home and his crying would have caused the aggressive reaction of the canine.

Damion’s mother, alerted by her son’s uproar and crying, went down the stairs to help the little boy and faced the animal that exceeded her by 15 kilos.

In the struggle, the woman tried to snatch her son from the dog’s mouth and took him to the bathroom to safeguard him.


However, it was in that part of the house where his body was found lying seriously injured by his sister.

When the police arrived at the scene, the woman was dying in the bathroom, the minor was sitting on a sofa with a badly affected leg and the dog was dead.

According to preliminary information, Shane would have shot the animal to prevent it from attacking her as well.

The child received medical assistance and remains safe at home. The dog, the authorities established, had already shown worrying signs of aggressiveness at home, according to various media.

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Even so, those responsible never gave up on preserving their care. “My sister has the biggest heart for animals and she just couldn’t get rid of it … her heart was too big and they thought they could fix it,” the deceased’s sister told the local Wausau Daily Herald.

The family organized a collection to pay for medical bills, funeral expenses and to help the two children left behind by Heather Pingel.


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