Silvia Pinal hospitalized for coronavirus

This morning it was reported that the Mexican actress, Silvia Pinal, entered the Médica Sur hospital in Mexico City last Wednesday, where she remains hospitalized for a covid-19 infection.

During an interview, the singer Alejandra Guzmán reported that the actress entered the hospital due to hypotension in addition to a cardiac arrhythmia, later she was diagnosed with the contagion of coronavirus.

According to the relatives of the “Diva de México” she is in the covid area of ​​the hospital where she is being treated and some studies are being carried out to determine the treatment she will follow.

The family is calm, since the signs of the 90-year-old actress are stable and she is fully conscious. It is important that the interpreter has the complete vaccination schedule.

Alejandra and Luis Enrique, reported on the evolution of their mother’s health and how the symptoms that led her to the hospital appeared. In addition, although they considered that the diva is stable, they asked the audience for a prayer for her health.

“Yesterday his heart rate dropped, his blood pressure went up. They gave him medicine to get it down, then he reacted very abruptly. A doctor came who always sees her and gave her a serum. There we decided to take her in an ambulance to Médica Sur. We have to wait for the studies and they are putting a catheter right now. He has Covid, ”said Alejandra.

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