Santa Claus invites young people to prepare for the next general elections in Guatemala

Christmas celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus, it is a date where many families get together and manage to spend a moment of conviviality that in other months are quite complex.

But there is also another character who is the main attraction of children, he is a plump man, with a beard and a red suit who distributes gifts to all children who behave well: Santa Claus.

This iconic character is in charge of bringing smiles and hope to children, and all those actors who don the red suit and beard know that he has a great responsibility on his shoulders.

One of them is Rafael Salazar, 49, who is studying at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences, and who for five years has had the joy of playing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

His work schedule these days is very tight, but I take a few minutes to get to a TSE registration and data update headquarters, located in a shopping center, to be able to participate in the future general elections of 2023.

It has seen little movement, not many come to do the procedure, but Santa assures that it is something that we all must do, mainly the young people, because tomorrow they will be the ones in charge of sustaining the country.

“We must trust democracy because even if it does not seem to work, we must give our vote so that we have the right tomorrow to be able to claim, in case a good or bad decision was made, but it is the only way it works. Only by carrying out a democratic process can we make this work ”, he commented.

The TSE will update data until January 14, if someone moved they should do so to vote as close to their new home as possible; and those who are about to turn 18 can be registered throughout 2022, according to electoral sources.

Is it easy to be Santa?

The answer is a definit no. He started with this work five years ago, which ended up becoming a passion and almost a tradition at this time.

“I was coming down the stairs of the faculty when one of my friends asked me if I had a job, I said no and she offered me a job, at that moment I asked her about what and she told me about Santa Claus because she says she saw me and it was the same … I said, well, let’s try it and we’ve already been there for five years, “he recalled.

The satisfaction that he gets from being Santa Claus for a few hours is something that he assures is invaluable, “the truth is beautiful, it is giving children joy, a smile. Many times our society is a bit cruel with the little ones, so somehow you have to bring them a little joy ”.

They don’t just ask for toys

Santa Claus is known for giving toys to children. Our Santa has heard how the little ones ask for countless gifts, but not all of them come to him expecting a cart or a doll.

Remember that in his early years as Santa saw a little girl, she would be about seven years old, and she was somewhat shy, “there was a little girl going to see me and going to see me, then other little children came and told me that she wanted to talk to me. I approached and asked her if she wanted a gift, she said no, that what she wanted was a wish and that if she could fulfill it ”.

Santa said yes, without imagining what the wish of that little girl would be: “I want to see my mom and dad, I thought they were dead and I told her that Santa could not go over on God’s side, so she told me no They were dead, he told me that his parents were in prison… my heart broke and I was even going to cry, I couldn’t tell him if I was going to see them again ”.

Santa Claus’s task is not easy, but like him there are many who, in addition to just putting on a red suit, have the spirit and the desire to draw a smile on the faces of the little ones.

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