Quebec seeks to buy its own rapid tests

Quebec is trying to get its hands on rapid tests: “we buy it,” said Thursday Marie-France Raynault, senior strategic medical advisor at the Ministry of Health.

On the sidelines of a briefing session on the management of “contact cases”, Dr. Raynault declared that “700,000 tests [rapides] would be available in pharmacies in the coming days ”. It is “more than what we had before”, she added in an answer to a question in English.

“We also buy it and the federal government will send it to us in the coming days,” added the doctor, who works at the Ministry’s General Directorate of Public Health.

Called on to clarify her comment, Dr. Raynault added some nuances. “I’m not in procurement, but I know that right now all options are being considered and on the table,” she said. “There are probably purchases that have already been made. But I must say that I am in charge of the scientific council, and not of the supplies, so that would have to be confirmed. “

Isolation first

The briefing session also clarified certain instructions about the isolation of people who have been in contact with others who have COVID-19. The doctor also wanted to simplify the instructions for Quebecers who obtain positive results in rapid tests.

“The urgency is not to go for a test [dans un centre de dépistage]. The urgency is to isolate yourself. This is what will control the transmission, ”she insisted. “Then it would be desirable for you to go and confirm it, but there is no rush to do so. Make an appointment, there is no need to queue in a screening center, ”she insisted.

In Wednesday afternoon, Quebec updated instructions on its website so that they are consistent with the authorities’ message.

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