Opening 2021: This was the clash of heads between Steve Makuka and “el Moyo” Contreras during the Classic 317

The Classic 317 between Municipal and Comunicaciones that played on December 23 at the El Trébol stadium at 3:00 p.m. ended in a 0-0 draw.

The rivalry of both teams had moments of tension in some sections, which were controlled by central Mario Escobar Toca.

There were strong tackles, grabs, fouls, and warning cards. This time there were no expelled. However, there was a particular play that worried even the whistler who immediately stopped the game at minute 88 when he saw the scene.

It was a clash of heads between the captain of the albos, José Manuel Contreras and the central defender of Municipal, and Uruguayan Steve Makuka.

In a cross that came from the side, Contreras jumped in order to clear the ball from Moscoso’s goal. Makuka tried to reach the ball to try to head it to the rival goal, however, he collided with the white captain, who collapsed from the impact.

The referee stopped the game, called for assists, which came in immediately, and attended to both players who were lying on the clover lawn. The footballers bled from the head and had to leave assisted by their medical teams.

In the end, it did not happen to adults, and according to the doctors they will keep them under observation to carry out the corresponding studies and verify the injury.

Contreras was replaced by Carlos Castrillo and the South American by Carlos Gallardo. The game at the end ended in a 0-0 draw and they will define the series on Sunday, December 26 at 8:00 p.m.

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