Opening 2021: El Clásico 317 between Municipal and Comunicaciones ended tied at El Trébol stadium

The game was too tactical, to expect an error from the rival. Neither Municipal nor Comunicaciones risked more than necessary in the first leg semifinal. The game was not very showy, with strong tackles, a fight in the half court and leaving everything for the return leg on Sunday, December 26 at 8:00 p.m. at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores.

The first half, yes, had a rhythm. The reds ran much more than the whites, who, standing well in all their lines, waited to counter the arrivals.

Plays with chances of being a goal there were four. Two per side. Perhaps the clearest was the defender Nicolás Samayoa, but he got tangled between his legs and took a weak shot at the legs of a red player.

The other was Andrés Lezcano who received a precise cross from Alexander Larín from the left wing. The big head hit the crossbar and went off.

Alejandro gambeta Díaz was the one who tried the most in the first section. He took two centers that when his teammates arrived they could not connect in good form and fell into the hands of goalkeeper Kevin Moscoso.

In the second part the changes came. José Saturnino Cardozo, like Willy Coito Olivera, without eating cravings, adjusted their tables because fatigue reached some of the players.

Óscar Santis, who was not a starter this time despite having been a key player in previous games, including the Concacfa League, entered for Rodrigo Saravia who looked solid in the midfield, but ended up fused.

In addition, the Cuban Karel Espino replaced the Salvadoran Alexander Larín to give more freshness to the midfield and adjust the brand, however, he entered nervous and lasted just over five minutes on the field until they were changed by the Mexican Marco Bueno.

Cardozo trusted the Tico-Guatemalan Anllel Porras who joined for the Salvadoran Jaime Alas and Luis Rosas replaced Pedro Altán. These changes were good for the Reds, who precisely forced Olivera to back down with the Espino por Bueno movement.

The first half was a tough battle in the midfield. The chances were numbered. The one who was closest was Comunicaciones in a header from Andrés Lezcano that hit the crossbar.

However, the two teams played a strong game in the midfield. The players who generated the most offense was Alejandro gambeta Díaz on the red side and José Manuel Contreras on the white.

In the 88th minute, Moyo Contreras and Steve Makuka had to be substituted because both were injured during a head clash while they disputed a ball in the cream area.

Carlos Gallardo entered for Makuka and Carlos Castrillo for Contreras. In addition, the national striker, José Carlos Martínez, left the game for Gustavo Britos when the match was almost over.

The two goalkeepers in the first 45 minutes were attentive to the arrivals of the rivals, and managed to clear their goals.

Willy Coito was surprised by not including the ever-starting Oscar Santis in this first match of the Guatemalan soccer semifinal.

The return leg will be played at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores stadium on Sunday, December 26 at 8:00 p.m. So far the score is 0-0 and if it persists in the next game the creams would advance for their best position in the standings.

International referee Mario Escobar Toca was designated for the game. He will be accompanied by Juan Tipaz, Jorge Ordóñez, as assistants and Luis Escobar as the fourth whistle.

The last time Municipal beat Comunicaciones in classics was in the Apertura 2019 tournament. That time the scarlets were crowned by the hand of Sebastián Bini. Since then the hegemony has been white in the five games prior to this one.

So far Municipal and Communications tie in victories in classics, 108 for each and have tied 101 times.

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