Moving: Woman brought early labor so that her husband with terminal cancer could meet her son

It is about a couple from the city of Connecticut, in the USA, who were expecting their second child.

The boy’s father suffered from terminal cancer and the initial prognosis was six months, but little by little, doctors warned that the period was reduced to days. The baby was due to be born three weeks later.

Both Haley Parke and her partner agreed that she undergo an induced process to advance her delivery date so that he could meet her son.

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The moved mother wanted to share the family story on her Facebook account where she narrated that before beginning “the induction process” she told her husband to hold out until he saw his newborn son.

The situation of her sick husband was getting worse, so it was necessary to perform a cesarean section on the mother. “Either a cesarean section was done at that time, or Jb would not have the opportunity to meet our son,” he wrote on his Facebook account.


Haley Parke gave birth to her son and doctors carried the newborn into the room where the father was “and placed him on his father’s chest.”

Doctors also did everything possible to make Parke’s hospital bed fit in the room where her husband was: “He gave his last breaths with our son on his chest and my hand in his,” the mother recounted.

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Finally, he said that despite the complications that giving birth to a child prematurely may have, the baby was ready to be born and “with fully developed lungs.”

“So I am pleased to announce the birth of our brave and incredible son, John Beeson Parke (Jb). Welcome to the world, baby Jb. Your story is a true miracle, “he wrote on Facebook.

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