Hearing prior to the trial for the femicide of Luz María López is suspended due to an asthma attack by the defense attorney

Justice is not prompt or fulfilled, at least that is the perception that the Luz María López family was left with on Thursday, a woman barely 25 years old at the time of her death.

The thesis of the MP agents identifies as responsible Jorge Rafael Zea, who was Luz María López’s husband, and who faces an accusation for the crime of femicide before a specialized court in the matter.

This Thursday the judiciary had summoned the parties to hold a hearing prior to setting a date for the trial for the femicide of Luz María, but the diligence was not held.

Defense attorney Rodrigo Arrollo Reyes explained to the judge, Raquel Alicia Méndez Letona, that she suffered an asthma attack and that it was impossible for her to accompany her client to the hearing.

The judge had no other option but to suspend the hearing and move it to next January 4, but warned the lawyer and the defendant that if the defender does not improve, he should seek support from another lawyer.

“If the lawyer does not recover in the time he has stated, we cannot continue suspending this hearing, then I am going to ask him, Mr. qualities of his, and that with his consent he can replace him ”, the judge pointed out.

To almost a year

Luz María López, 25, was a criminal investigation technician appointed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Adolescents of the MP, she disappeared in January of this year.

Her family activated the Isabel – Claudina alert to search for missing women, but it was not possible to find the woman alive. On January 22, his body was found in a sector of Simeón Cañas Avenue, in zone 2 of Guatemala City.

Her body was found inside a throat, the expert reports of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) determined that the woman was strangled, and then her body was burned, presumably in an attempt by the aggressor so that the woman was not identified.

Ada Morales Álvarez, Luz María’s mother, does not trust the reasons why the hearing was suspended, even considering that it could only be a strategy to buy time and delay the trial.

“The defense attorney, to begin with, came late, later he excused himself that he is sick, that he has asthma, and that he is very ill, he says, he looks good but I definitely do not know if it will be another strategy for his defense, right, the only thing is that it is holding us back again, “he said.

The hearing this Thursday was to accept the means of proof, both for the accusing party and for the defense, which will have to be exposed before a court at the trial stage.

It is a hearing prior to the trial, which Álvarez assures is not at all easy to face as family members, “having to see the murderer of our daughter is quite difficult, really traumatic, but trusting in God that we will be able to move on from this.”

Finally, Luz María’s mother just hopes that justice will be done for the death of her daughter, “we hope in God if it happens because it will already be a year since my daughter’s femicide, almost that the date they gave us is next to the year that she is going to be murdered and it has not been seen clear, we ask people who can help us, that this be more agile, that justice in Guatemala be a little faster, the truth is torture for the family to be with this, to be reliving and reliving, it is very difficult ”.


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