‘He begged me not to hit him’; the day Mike Tyson discovered his ex-wife with Brad Pitt

The boxer recounted that uncomfortable moment that made him think about several things when he saw his now ex-partner with the actor, according to a note published on the portal mediotiempo.com

The report points out that ex-boxer Mike Tyson, his ex-wife Robin Givens and actor Brad Pitt were the protagonists of an uncomfortable moment, as the former athlete related in his book and different television interviews, after seeing his wife come home with him. of the handsome actor in 1989.

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The anecdote is part of the autobiographical book Undisputed Truth (The Undisputed Truth), narrated in the first person, but written by Larry Sloman.

In one of the several revelations is the one of the day that Brad Pitt asked Tyson not to beat him for arriving accompanied by his wife, but that at that time they were already in the process of divorce.

Openly Tyson has told in various television interviews that at that time he was already in the process of divorce, but they continued having sexual encounters and that time he had gone to his house for a “quickie, what can I say, I was young and I missed her.” But Robin did not come home, so the ex-boxer waited in the car and soon appeared, the publication adds.


In the first instance, the boxer was perplexed, because that was not expected and less with a Hollywood heartthrob. “I was in an emotional coma. They had taken my heart and crushed it, all of which left me completely overwhelmed. I didn’t have the energy to fight or anything. “

But Pitt reacted differently, with fear and although it was not what Tyson imagined, he reacted scared. “Brad must have been drunk or something, but he implored me not to hit him and told me they were just reviewing a script,” Tyson added about that moment.

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“It was not the best way but I met him there. And the truth is that I found him a very friendly guy. I’m not mad at Brad, in any way. Clearly I don’t hold a grudge against him because if he did, he wouldn’t be alive anymore, ”Mike insisted.

Givens was Tyson’s first wife (Photo: 10.hn).

Pitt and Givens arrived together while Tyson waited for her outside her apartment. (Photo: 10.hn).


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