Guatevisión presents the short film Christmas for oblivion

Faced with the pandemic, we want to show a fun Christmas instead of something sad or dramatic, always in line with love, family, friends and sharing ”, explains the producer, Luigi Lanuza.

The seasonal special is an innovative proposal, it is a comedy suitable for all audiences.

The history

Mateo, an insurance salesman wrapped in the monotony of his work, receives a call from his father’s neighbor (Don Jacinto) who fell when he put the star on the Christmas tree and as a result of the blow he loses his memory and the doctor tells him that this can be temporary or forever. Mateo decides to finish decorating the house and comes across a list of 100 things his dad likes, so he tries to get him to regain his memory by doing everything he likes for him with the help of his friend Poncho.

The team

Luigi Lanuza stars in this 22-minute short film, the same producer plays Don Jacinto; Roberto Valenzuela is Mateo; Roberto Santandrea, Poncho (the friend); Ana Lucía Moreno, the doctor, and Rochi Arce, the neighbor.

The scriptwriter and director is Erick Gálvez and the musicalization is in charge of Isaac Hernández Campos, who is now studying on a scholarship in Spain and has musicalized his productions, says Lanuza.

There are three short films

In addition to the premiere of Christmas for oblivion On December 24 at 10 p.m., Guatevisión will also broadcast today The big night Y Sands in time Friday the 31st, both at 10pm.

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