Florinda Meza remembers her first Christmas without Chespirito

With a message full of feelings, the Mexican actress Florinda Meza, recognized for her role as Doña Florinda in “El Chavo del 8”, wished all her social media followers a Merry Christmas.

The actress recalled that when she was little these holidays were not her favorites, because her family was humble and she could never receive sweets and gifts.

Meza said that his adolescence was a stage of life in which he continued to feel a certain rejection of the Christmas festivities.

Her husband, the remembered actor, comedian, playwright, writer, screenwriter, and director, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, was the one who made Florinda change her mind.

“He came into my life to teach me to enjoy… but everyone will remember that disastrous November 2014… and then in December everything pointed to the fact that I would have the saddest Christmas of my life, but I decided that the best way to honor Roberto was to celebrate with joy, and put one more seat at the table for him, even if he was gone, “she added, moved.

Meza emphasized the fact that some Christmases are memorable, either because they are full of happiness or sadness. He also spoke about the losses of loved ones that many people in the world had to live on account of the covid-19 pandemic, and made a reflection on the massive loss of jobs.

Meza wanted to send this message as a voice of encouragement for those who had a difficult year, always remembering her beloved husband Gómez Bolaños.


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