21 Days of Happiness: Help for a Disabled Woman (Day 20)

Doña Guadalupe Samayoa is a woman who was disabled after having her leg amputated, from that moment her life changed completely.

A few days ago he got worse due to gallstones, he is currently under treatment and hopes to recover soon, although it is difficult due to his previous health conditions.

“They put me in treatment and thank God now I already eat a little, I drink water and serum. Blessed God, I got up, because on December 12 I was very serious, ”explains Doña Guadalupe, who sells beauty products by catalog to support her economy.

“I felt that I was in agony, I could no longer bear the colic because they were very strong, so my family took me to the doctor and they prescribed me medicine,” he explained.

Likewise, he pointed out that his sisters, nieces and other relatives have helped him to be able to buy the medicines he requires.

Doña Guadalupe thanked Miss Waleska Marroquín for her help and asked God to bless her and all those who collaborated to make this possible.

Solidarity spirit

Waleska Marroquín knows Doña Guadalupe because she used to buy products from her catalog. Photo: Courtesy

Marroquín says that since he learned about the 21 Days of Happiness project, he became interested in helping, so he thought of Doña Guadalupe, who is struggling to get some financial income.

“Despite being in a wheelchair, he goes out to sell his catalog products and most of the people who buy from him do so to help him with something, but lately he has not been able to go out, so I thought of contributing, even if it is a grain of sand with this help ”, commented Waleska Marroquín.

She points out that she spoke with Dona Guadalupe to find out what she needed the most and told her that it was food.

“I thought of giving her a grain of sand and giving her this help to try that at least these days she has a little bit of tranquility in that sense and later on I will also be pending to continue collaborating with her,” added Marroquín, who told us that He had known the lady for six years because he had bought her catalog products.

Waleska Marroquín shared a little with Mrs. Guadalupe Samayoa. Free Press Photo: Courtesy

“When I read the stories of 21 Days of Happiness I reflected and thought about joining this beautiful cause,” he explained.

In addition, he urges everyone to join in and help: “I invite you too, in whatever way possible, contribute and help. There are many people who need it and although it has been a bit difficult for everyone with this pandemic, God gives us the opportunity to give a little more and receive blessings, the heart feels full and more in these times that we all want everything ” , he opined.

This story makes us reflect on the ability of human beings to give more of themselves and reach out to those who need it.


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