Merle Uribe, Vicente Fernández’s former lover, recalled how his first meeting with Mrs. Cuquita was

Merle Uribe, who was accused for years of being one of Vicente Fernández’s lovers, revealed details of the relationship they had and their meeting with Doña Cuquita.

The actress was criticized by social media users after sharing photos with the singer and admitting once again that she dated him, despite the fact that he was a married man.

“I never did it to disrespect anyone, I did it because people remembered him as he was and did not get the idea of ​​how he died … I did not want to wait, anyway I would have done it the day he died, to the three days, right now, they were going to criticize me anyway, “he replied.

Merle spoke with the journalist about the alleged relationship that Vicente Fernández had not only with her but also with Patricia Rivera, who deceived him for many years into believing that Rodrigo Fernández was his legitimate son.

“I lasted with Vicente for about seven years, interrupted, but definitely three… We were together for three years, then we finished, he hung out with Patricia Rivera and when he finished with her, because they got along very badly, then we returned. We were Merle-Paty… We saw each other in a house that he had on Churubusco avenue ”, he indicated.

How did you meet Doña Cuquita, Vicente Fernández’s widow?

Merle Uribe recalled that the first meeting she had with Cuquita was in a palenque in the 1980s. On that occasion, she asked a friend of hers to pose as her boyfriend at the meeting so as not to arouse suspicion among the guests.

“I met the lady, she introduced her to me, I said my boyfriend Roberto, and of course Chente stayed like that, and when he saw me at one point he said: Hey, but he’s not your boyfriend? I say: no, nothing I brought him more because you told me your wife was coming, “explained the actress.

“I felt that I had to be an educated person with this person, she was the wife he had and also he always told me that he loved her and was very grateful,” he added.

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