Woman claims to be the first-born and “pretty girl” of Vicente Fernández and is willing to prove it

After the death of the Mexican music idol, Vicente Fernández, on December 12, as expected, controversy surrounds many aspects of the singer’s life, including the children he may have had outside of his marriage with Mrs. Cuquita.

Now Ana Lilia Aréchiga has spoken with the Mexican media, who affirms that “She waited more than 60 years to be recognized as the daughter of Vicente Fernández” and assures that the death of the singer will not stop her, according to press publications.

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The woman claims that she has said since 2015 that she is the singer’s daughter and gave interviews to the media. According to her, “Chente” Fernández had a temporary relationship with her mother, the product of which she was conceived and he always knew it; However, fate would have driven them away, although he assures that they could see eye to eye once before he ceased to exist, the publication adds.

“Since I can remember, I can remember my mother has told me all my life. All the time I will continue to say that he is my father, if I were lying, his children or he would have come out to tell the media that a DNA test was going to be done to arrest this slanderer, “he said in an interview to the Gossip program no like.

Public appearances

Currently Aréchiga is 61 years old and assures that his mother, Josefina, had a sentimental relationship with Vicente Fernández. The woman has had a few appearances on Mexico’s pink dam television programs since 2015 in which she mentions that Chente had a relationship with her mother before becoming famous.

In October 2021, when Chente’s hospitalization was announced, Ana Lilia Aréchiga asked the Fernández family to let her see her father but was unsuccessful. Then, on December 16, Ana Lilia showed herself again, on the show Gossip no like, according to a note published on sdpnoticias.com

Ana Lilia claims to be the first-born of Vicente Fernández. (Photo: diariopronto.com)

The pretty girl”

In the note published by El Heraldo de México, the woman says that “in the mid-60s her father interpreted the song My pretty girl” and affirms that she is the inspiration for the song, because at that time he had no more children and it is known that of his biological children with his wife Cuquita all are boys.

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“He does not have a pretty girl, here I am the only one,” said Aréchiga who also affirms that despite not having grown up with him, Vicente Fernández did not reject her, but that it was her mother who denied her the possibility of relating to him.

Brief encounter?

The woman claims to have proof that she sought contact with her father when he was still alive. He assures that when Vicente Fernández met with Hillary Clinton, when the electoral contest with Donald Trump was in the US At that time something curious happened, according to the woman when Chente, her son Gerardo and his wife, Cuquita, greeted Clinton, She was nearby and shouted: “Dad, I am your daughter” and affirms that he looked at her moved and was in “shock” for a few moments, while the singer’s family saw her with annoyance, so the meeting stayed in a simple look between the two.

So far there is no official statement from the Fernández family regarding the statements of this woman who claims to be Vicente Fernández’s first-born, so it will be a matter of time to know the truth.

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