Video: The sons of Chapo Guzmán organize a posada in honor of the capo and this is what the authorities of the case say

A recording is circulating on the internet in which a traditional Christmas inn is observed; However, its veracity and timeliness has been questioned by the Sinaloa public security secretary, Cristóbal Castañeda, who reported that the videos “of the inn offered by the children of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán are not recent events.” according to a note published by various media in Mexico.

The truth is that the videos circulate on social networks and the reactions were immediate, particularly because the US has offered a millionaire reward for the kingpin’s children.

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JGL are the acronyms that link Chapo’s children to an inn, the video has gone viral; According to local media, the celebration would have taken place on December 17, according to a note published in

In the video, several bands are observed playing on stage, some of which sang corridos in which Chapo Guzmán is mentioned.


Hundreds of toys were also given away, such as dolls, skates, tricycles, bicycles, balls, with decals that had the initials JGL (Joaquín Guzmán Loera), as well as speakers, screens, refrigerators and at least four cars that would have been raffled among the attendees, adds the publication of

It is not the first time that these types of celebrations have been held, in which expensive gifts are distributed on behalf of Chapo. Last year a party took place in the San Diego community, El Dorado, where refrigerators and cars were also distributed, among other items, adds the published note.

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Several Mexican media published the news but so far the veracity and timeliness of the images has not been confirmed by federal authorities.

VIDEO: In the recording you can see dozens of gifts such as toys, appliances and even vehicles.

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