Two people lose their lives in a collision between an agricultural truck and a pickup truck in Asunción Mita

The Volunteer Firefighters reported that at 5:40 am on Tuesday, December 21, they were alerted to a traffic accident in the El Capuyo village, Asunción Mita, Jutiapa.

Rescuers went to the scene and found that two vehicles collided head-on for unknown reasons.

It is an agricultural type truck and a pickup truck that were severely damaged by the asphalt strip.

Two people who were traveling in the agricultural-type truck died at the scene and were identified as Welter Geobany González Ramos, 33, and Nelzon González Ramos, 52.

According to the documents, they are residents of Asunción Mita, added the firefighters.

Both people died instantly from multiple trauma due to the heavy impact and were identified by the Public Ministry when reviewing identification documents.

In another event, a motorcycle and a header collided at kilometer 137.5 of the route to the Atlantic and both vehicles caught fire from the impact.

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The motorist suffered injuries for which he was transferred to the Regional Hospital of Zacapa.

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