They retain and steal their weapons from 15 policemen, PNC asks in a statement that they return them

Agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) were preparing to carry out two arrest warrants in the village of Chapín Abajo, El Estor Izabal, on the afternoon of December 20.

However, 15 policemen, including officers who were driving in two patrol cars, were detained by the population.

Originally, the PNC’s social communication office denied this fact, but a day later, when the agents were free, they issued a statement admitting that the arms and ammunition of the 15 policemen were stolen.

The statement does not mention the two patrols, but “calls on those who held the policemen to return their weapons and ammunition.”

It adds that they filed a complaint with the judicial authorities since they believe that a kidnapping occurred.

The statement also says: “We call for sanity to these people who also blocked the road by dropping palms.”

According to the police report on the night of December 20, the fallen palm trees led to a decision not to intervene until the following day.

According to the PNC, the agents did not use their weapons to avoid being detained “due to the nature of the police action.”

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