The Last Meal of His Life: The Shocking Story of the Delivery Man Who Saved a Depressed Man

From preparing customer orders to fulfilling odd requests, food delivery passengers have experienced it all.

On this occasion, a food delivery man from China was praised for his speed in alerting police after one of the customers left a note on his food order.

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“This is the last meal of my life. This takeout order must be delivered to me! ” wrote on the special request form, according to a note posted on

Although the messenger doubted if it was a joke, he understood that every minute was “critical” and rushed to the man’s house.

When no one opened the door, the messenger alerted the police for help.

In a Weibo video shared by The Paper on December 19, it showed the dramatic exchange between rescuers and the distraught man, who threatened to jump out the window if the door was knocked down.


The man, who had taken a large number of sleeping pills, was beginning to lose consciousness when rescuers managed to enter his apartment in time and took him out of harm’s way.

After taking the man to the hospital, the police also contacted his parents to speak with him.

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The man was said to have attempted suicide after facing relationship problems and failed investments, the Chinese news outlet reported.

For his vigilance and “enthusiasm to save a life,” the food delivery platform rewarded the delivery man with a tip.

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