Parties without being overweight: chip change!

“Christmas lasts a few days and it would be a mistake to take it as a season in which a healthy diet or an active lifestyle is abandoned. It must be understood as specific dates and meals; the rest of the time our lifestyle should hardly change ”, says nutritionist Sonia Peinado.

Enjoy Christmas without gastronomic excesses. IMEO photo

“Changing the chip ‘, that is, modifying our attitude, mentality or way of thinking about Christmas food, just as the microcircuit in a computer is changed to allow it to perform other operations, it can be of great help so as not to add to our body several Extra pounds during the holidays, according to the European Medical Institute for Obesity (IMEO).

Christmas is a classic stimulus to gain weight and, although the designated days can be counted on the fingers of one hand, the lack of moderation in meals and lack of control can easily add between 2 and 5 kilos of body weight, they warn from this Institute (

Depending on the metabolism, sex, age and weight of each person, as well as the exercise they usually do, the team at this center calculates that exceeding the daily diet by consuming more calories than recommended can generate an increase of 80- 90 grams of fat a day, causing increases in body weight of up to one kilo per week.

“At Christmas the rules of the game are the same as the rest of the year in terms of nutrition and, despite the fact that most people are aware that certain foods and meals are fattening, they do not change their attitude, nor do they set limits” , reflects Rubén Bravo, an expert in dietetics and gastronomy at the IMEO.

Try the desserts and sweets, but without repeating the serving. IMEO photo

For this reason, he recommends considering realistic and non-idealistic guidelines that can be followed, without having to make excessive restrictions on the festivities around the table.
“You can enjoy Christmas by indulging yourself, but as long as it is the exception to the rule and not the norm,” Bravo emphasizes.


Change the chip

“Christmas lasts for a few days and it would be a mistake to take it as a season when you abandon a healthy diet or an active lifestyle. It must be understood as specific dates and meals; the rest of the time our lifestyle should hardly change ”, says the IMEO nutritionist, Sonia Peinado.

Compensate after exceeding

“After eating more than usual, the digestive system feels saturated and appreciates that the following intakes are lighter, healthier and less copious,” says Bravo, who suggests practicing a day of compensation, eating plenty of vegetables and little-elaborated natural foods and taking 2 to 2.5 liters of water.

Moderate food intake

To limit the amounts of those foods that are more caloric and less healthy, you can use the rule of “successive cuts” explains Bravo.
“It consists of taking the first full course, which is usually the lightest, for example soup, cream or vegetables; leave the second course half, giving preference to protein foods and discarding the most powerful garnishes such as potatoes or pasta; and, from there, cut down on food and drink intake, for example having a glass of red wine, a piece of nougat or half the dessert ”, he explains.

Prioritize quality over quantity

“It is better to try, limiting ourselves not to repeating, those delicacies that contain carbohydrates (including sugar), instead of not trying the dessert”, according to Peinado.
He also advises choosing and eating in moderation “those foods rich in monounsaturated fats (nuts, avocado, oily fish, olive oil, sunflower) instead of those that contain saturated fats (palm oil, butter, ice cream, precooked, pastry) ”.

Increase caloric expenditure

Leading an active life is a good Christmas purpose, according to the IMEO, which suggests going to the gym, walking with friends, dancing with your children or your partner, doing a team activity or sport such as skiing, cycling or paddle tennis, using the stairs in Instead of the elevator and walk short distances rather than by car or public transport.

Socialize instead of eating

“Enjoy, savor, chew slowly, chat, share … If you approach it in this way you will greatly reduce the amount ingested and, when you reach the feeling of fullness, you will have had reasonable and adequate amounts of food,” says Bravo.
He explains that in our stomach “one of the most important hormones linked to the feeling of satiety is secreted, but it takes about 20 minutes to send the signal of being full to our brain, so the amount of food we eat, just in those minutes, it is key to be moderate or exceed ”.

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