Health opens the option of receiving booster doses of the vaccine against covid-19 to the entire population

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) released new guidelines for applying the booster dose for the covid-19 vaccine and reported that 35% of the target population already has the second dose.

According to the data presented by Minister Francisco Coma, in Guatemala there are 6 million 436 thousand people who have a dose of the vaccine, which represents 50.71% and those who have a complete scheme are 4 million 518 thousand people, 35.72% of the population goal that amounts to 12 million Guatemalans who must be protected against covid-19.

Due to the Omicron variant, it is urgent that immunization reaches the entire population and that the booster dose begins to be administered.

According to the Health authorities, so far 69,300 booster doses have been applied to front-line health care personnel.

Lesli Samayoa, technical vice minister, explained that changes were made in the guidelines to apply this third dose. So now, anyone who has already received both doses can receive the third if it has already been six months after the second.

In the case of people who were vaccinated abroad with Johnson & Johnson, they can receive the booster dose two months after being vaccinated.

This is how it remains according to the vaccine that people agreed to at the beginning:

This is the application for the booster dose according to the MSPAS.

Health authorities also called on pregnant women to come to the nearest vaccination center to be protected against the covid. According to the Deputy Minister of Primary Care, Edwin Montúfar, in the year there have been more than 388 maternal deaths, of which 120 correspond to covid-19.

According to Minister Coma, they expect to receive the 3.4 million doses of the Sputnik vaccine pending before the end of the year.

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