Employees report abuses and ghost places to the head of Conamigua, who claims it is retaliation for a special audit

Through an anonymous letter, people who claim to be workers and former workers of the National Council of Attention to Migrants of Guatemala (Conamigua) publicly pointed out, to their current authorities, a series of abuses.

Among those that detail a series of supposed ghost places, mistreatment of workers hired under line 011 and 029, as well as parties after working hours.

The document mentions that since Berríos has been in office, he has taken actions that go against the general objective of the institution, which is the care and dignity of Guatemalan migrants and their families.

They mention that the director hired people who do not show up for work and who only carry the corresponding invoices to be paid each month.

It also details that in commissions outside the capital, Berríos requests that the contracted personnel 029 include within the budget (per diem) the food and lodging of the official, this with the aim of saving the representation expenses that by law correspond to him.

The document adds that Berríos gives “inappropriate, unprofessional and inhumane treatment against personnel hired for 029 and permanent 011 services within the institution” and that added to this, he imposes actions that do not correspond to the operation of each of the workers.

Finally, they tell the official to hold parties at the institution, after working hours, where there is alcohol and women.

The document asks the leaders of organizations in favor of migration for an audit process, while they ask the Chancellor, Pedro Brolo, to evaluate the actions of Raúl Eduardo Berrios, Executive Secretary of Conamigua.

It’s retaliation

For his part, Berrios assures that this document that does not appear or even signed is just a measure of repression against him due to the preliminary results that have left a series of audits that they requested from the Comptroller General of Accounts (CGC).

“When we came, we requested a special audit, because we didn’t even have an auditor when we arrived at the institution. As a result, the CGC in its conclusive report showed us last week that it filed a complaint against the previous authorities and some former employees of this institution, “he explained.

The notification that reached Berrios details that in mid-2020 the then head of Conamigua, Rita Elizondo, and other workers, made a payment of more than Q800 thousand for the lease of a hotel.

That payment had been made despite the fact that the Council had not authorized the disbursement, according to the document that auditors recently delivered to the Conamigua authorities explaining their findings.

“We presume that it is a clear retaliation for the actions that not even the Secretariat of Conamigua carried out, but only requested it from the CGC for transparency issues that led to illegitimate and illegal acts, for which a complaint was filed; this is retaliation because it comes anonymously, so we doubt that they are even workers, “the Secretary concluded.


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