Constitutional Court rejects protection that sought to swear in Gloria Porras

The Constitutional Court (CC) has not had the head designated by the University of San Carlos for the period 2021 – 2026 for eight months, due to a series of challenges surrounding the election of Gloria Porras.

She was elected through a public vote of the CSU, and some who question the procedure, such as the Foundation against Terrorism (FCT) say that one of the main norms of the USAc was violated.

They assure that the vote must be secret and that consequently said election in favor of Porras would not have validity, these doubts have made the lawyer unable to assume the position.

Even due to legal appeals minutes before the swearing-in by the Congress of the Republic, the Plenary of Deputies decided not to swear it in to avoid legal problems.

But the lawyers of the AC organization, Edie Cux and Manfredo Marroquín, consider that the action of Congress was arbitrary and forgot the right of defense of the elected magistrate through a transparent process.

For which they presented an amparo action before the CC that they claimed was sufficient to force Congress to swear in Porras, so that he could then assume his constitutional magistracy.

But a recent session of the Plenary of the CC rejected the amparo affirming that the abuses and arbitrariness pointed out by the lawyers do not exist, thus supporting the Congress that denied swearing in Porras.

The constitutional session was attended by the titular magistrates Roberto Molina Barreto, Nester Vásquez and Leyla Lemus; along with substitutes Luis Rosales and Claudia Paniagua.

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