Carmen Salinas sang “When the sun warms up” before Luis Miguel

Almost two weeks after the death of the first actress, her followers remembered the time she interpreted the song that was popularized in the voice of the Puerto Rican.

Without a doubt, ‘When the Sun Heats Up’, is one of Luis Miguel’s greatest hits, but Carmen Salinas performed it 20 years earlier.

Recall that just last December 9 was reported on the death of the leading actress, after having suffered a stroke in early November.

Although the entertainment world dressed in mourning, the memories around the Mexican did not wait and countless anecdotes came to light.

And it is that, she was not only recognized for her long career and talent, because her personality and charisma placed her in one of the Mexican artists most loved by the public.

Yet almost two weeks after her unfortunate passing, fans continue to remember her with iconic moments from her career as an actress and singer.

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