Agustín “Tin” Herrera, the Mexican who has forged his own history in Guatemalan soccer

Agustín Enrique Herrera Osuna was born on March 22, 1985 in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. At 36, he has written his own history in Guatemalan soccer. He has four scoring titles in the National League.

He is the top winner of the Juan Carlos Plata trophy along with the Colombian Henry Hernández who played in Juventud Retalteca and Heredia.

This has led the Sinaloan to count in his entire career 500 games in which he has scored 199 annotations. In Guatemala he scored 87 with Antigua, 56 with Comunicaciones, 20 with Coatepeque and 2 with Cobán. How many will he make with Deportivo Mixco now?

Among his record, he has three National League titles with Antigua GFC, two with Comunicaciones and one in the First Division in Mexico with Santos.

Many will say that he is in the twilight of his career, but some others will defend him because his numbers, record and success speak for themselves. In eight years in the country his goals have served to forge his history.

He came to Guatemala in 2013 when he was 28 years old. He arrived at a time that was overshadowed by his compatriot Carlos Kamiani Félix in the field of the University of San Carlos.

There were few Mexicans, but without a doubt, their performances have opened the door to others in recent years, however, the quality of both has been demonstrated in tournaments where scorers have been crowned on several occasions.

In his first participation with Deportivo Coatepeque, where he arrived from Estudiantes de Altamira of the Mexican promotion league, he scored nine goals and made it clear what he was coming for.

Herrera Osuna debuted on January 22, 2006 with Santos Laguna against the Pumas. In fact, he is fondly remembered on this team because a goal from him saved them from relegation in 2007.

But in addition to the Lagunero team, he played for Mérida FC, Atlante UTN, Morelia Sub 20, Veracruz, Dorados de Sinaloa and Estudiantes de Altamira, his last team before arriving in Guatemala with Deportivo Coatepeque, already relegated to the first division.

In his first tournament in Guatemala he was in the top five of the scorers. He scored nine goals. That time the top gunner was Israel Silva de Xelajú.

In the following, the Clausura 2013, he already occupied the third box of the best network breakers. He scored 11 goals, 9 less than the top scorer, Óscar Isaula del Heredia, who has also been relegated to lower divisions.

In Apertura 2014, Herrera already became part of Communications. He was the eighth best scorer of the tournament with seven goals. Carlos el Pescado Ruiz was the best that time with 12 hits.

In the Clausura 2015 he was again among the top 10 scorers, but this time he scored only six. In the Apertura his quota fell to two annotations in the entire championship and things began to get tense for him in Communications.

In the end, he came out of the white box, not before having won with two of his goals in the five-time championship. He went to Antigua GFC, and there he breathed new air and achieved other titles in his career.

In his first season with the Colonials, in the Clausura 2016, he scored 11 goals and placed fourth in the scorers’ table. In the Apertura 2016 he was already ranked as the second best network breaker. Defined 14 times.

In the Clausura 2017 he was the top scorer of the season with the avocado trees. He scored 14 goals to his rivals. While in the Apertura 2017 he was second with 10 goals. In the Clausura and Apertura 2018 he was again the scoring leader with 15 and 11 goals, respectively.

The Clausura 2019, his last tournament in Antigua, was again a scorer with 11 goals. He said goodbye to the antique painting as a figure. He won two league titles and was a three-time scorer champion with the green belly shirt.

Communications looked for him again and returned. In the Apertura 2019 he fought with Ramiro Rocca. In the end he was second with 12 goals to the 16 that the Argentine had scored at Deportivo Iztapa.

In 2020, the Clausura tournament was the third best net breaker with 6 scores, one less than Nicolás Martínez from Antigua and Carlos Kamiani Félix from Iztapa.

In the Apertura Ramiro Rocca scored 21 goals with Municipal, and was champion, while Herrera Osuna was ninth with six goals.

His last tournament with Communications was six goals. Clausura 2021 was goodbye for the Mexican who soon found a new team, Cobán Imperial. In the blue princes, he only scored two goals.

And now, at the gates of Clausura 2022, Agustín Herrera is getting ready to play with Deportivo Mixco, a team that in this tournament managed to win half a ticket to return to the National League. It will be, perhaps, the last challenge for Herrera Osuna in national football. Only time will tell, and his goals.

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