21 Days of Happiness: Help for the Blind (Day 18)

This is the story of Mr. Israel García, he requests money with his children in zone 9 of Guatemala City, however, the little he manages to collect is not enough to cover his basic needs.

Don Israel is always optimistic and positive despite the long hours when he goes out to ask for money.

His faith is unshakeable, every time he receives financial aid he thanks God and asks him to multiply everything he receives for his benefactors.

His days when he goes to zone nine are long, he leaves his house in Villa Canales from 5 in the morning, he is accompanied by two of his children, he has three, they help him as guidebooks and also take care that they do not steal the money that collect.

The little ones are studying, but they have learned through the blows of life to pass the tests and this has helped them to mature.

“Four years ago I was blind for crossing a street in the Obelisk, a car threw me and when I felt I was no longer looking at anything,” Don Israel told us.

Don Israel’s wife stays at home every day since they are in charge of the guardian of the place where they live, in addition, she takes care of the youngest daughter.

Donation with love

Doña Sara Ramírez frequently passes by the place and she realized the need of Don Israel and his family, therefore, she decided to buy him a Christmas dinner, food and school supplies.

“Today I decided to bring a little help to Mr. Israel, I have always seen him come here to ask for help, so it was born of my heart to come to give him this little help that I brought him, a small symbolic dinner to celebrate Christmas and I know that He is blind and therefore it is difficult for him to get a job, ”explained Ramírez.

He also stressed that he brought “food, supplies for their children and some sweets also for the little ones, as well as basic things for the home.”

The moment was very emotional. Dona Sara got out of her vehicle, crossed the street and observed Don Israel, with caution so as not to scare him, she indicated that she wanted to give him a donation and told him the things she had brought him.

Don Israel began to pray and ask God for Ramírez’s family, these are the only moments that doing good works allows us, and although this type of thing should not be proclaimed with great fanfare, the intention is to call the conscience of all to awaken the solidarity that in many remains dormant.

She also urged everyone to join in and do these kinds of actions. “I hope that all people join this noble cause that is 21 Days of Happiness and that it is not only these 21 days, every time we see someone in need, let us help them.

With this, Don Israel will be able to survive for a few days and will be able to use the money he collects for other needs that the family has. He regularly manages to collect Q60 when he goes to zone 9, he does not go every day, but when he goes he asks for money for 7 hours.

This story shows us that at every step we take we can find someone who needs our help and that we should not be indifferent to the difficulties that others have. In addition, in an instant life can change us, like Don Israel, who an accident caused his whole life to change, for this we must be grateful and the best way to give thanks is to share.


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