The green wave advances

Marijuana thrives in developed countries. They put surnames as medicinal, recreational, to lower anxiety, etc. Stores with a large clientele are appreciated. In them, you will find a wide variety of people, of all ages, sex, gender, clothing, etc. Many of the customers belong to religions where the consumption of fermented beverages or alcohols is prohibited. In Europe, given the increase in the non-Christian population, this entertainment is encouraged.

Although, since 2017, stores under medicinal justification, operate freely in Germany. Most are against free marketing. According to the Forsa poll, carried out last October, 59% oppose liberalization. Curiously, 39%, between 14 to 29 years old are favorable; however, people between 30 and 44 years old are 41%. In other words, it is a vice of the old and not of the young.

The new German government is determined to promote consumption. This week the circulation of € 8.8 transport tickets was announced, impregnated with marijuana oil, for use on the road or to eat. The sale is justified under the assumption of combating the anxiety generated by the pressure of Christmas activities. However, the Canadian Medical Association Journal 07.09.2021, published that marijuana use doubles the risk of heart attack, compared to those who do not.

36 US states have approved the use of marijuana. During the pandemic, sales in different presentations increased by 67%: bars with chocolate, glucose candies, or directly the herb to make a joint. As it happened at the beginning of the 20th century, when its use was allowed, the majority of addicts are homeless. Which denotes the existence of personality conflicts due to the harshness of life. Consumers, especially heavy smokers, often experience shocks or food crises. They lose their appetite and lose excess weight. They appear to be suffering from a terminal illness, but fortunately they do not pass away; they just thin to the extreme.

Although the herb has two contradictory psychotropic effects: it activates alertness or produces drowsiness, students often consume it, as it stimulates memory. They think they are smarter and by reducing sleep, it allows to increase the study day. A match doesn’t last forever; in the same way, long-term use produces stuttering, verbal excitement and false memory. For this reason, marijuana is said to be liars, without realizing the complexity of the neural mechanism. Likewise, they are quick to respond; although, at times, they are bellicose and senseless. It usually encourages the aggressive personality, therefore, it is used to help combatants in wars.

In the Middle Ages, the old man of the mountains, a military leader from the Middle East, had formed an army of marijuana. When an ambassador arrived, he demonstrated his power by ordering his followers to jump into the void from the top of his castle. They became an organization of hit men called hachisin, for consuming hashish, a marijuana preparation. The word originated the term murderer.

The Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs seeks to reduce international crime and the entry of illegal drugs into the United States. It is not necessary to indicate its success since developed societies are committed to sobriety, continence and temperance, as can be seen.

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