New dry law schedule: 4 dead and 9 injured in traffic accidents in the last hours

During the last hours, with the new restriction hours for consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages, lifeguards report at least four deaths and nine injured in traffic accidents in the national territory.

On December 14, President Alejandro Giammattei announced modifications to the dry law due to the reduction of coronavirus cases in the country; Therefore, between December 15, 2021 and January 15, 2022, the ban hours for sale and consumption are from 2 hours to 6 hours on the same day.

After the indicated date, the consumption and sale of liquor will return to what is established in Government Agreement 214 – 2021, which establishes the prohibition between 11 p.m. one day and 6 a.m. the next.

The president indicated on that occasion that, due to the drop in cases, the sale and consumption would be allowed for a longer time, so that people can attend various activities for the end of the year festivities.

He added that it would be a test to determine if there is an increase in cases, but recommended that people refrain from driving if they drink, to avoid traffic accidents.

However, during the first weekend with the reduction of the restriction, lifeguards from various institutions have reported a series of accidents throughout the country with a balance of at least four dead and nine injured.

In El Rancho, El Progreso, the Departmental Municipal Firefighters (CBMD) attended a mishap in which Gonzalo Aragón, 69, was injured, but died when he was transferred to the Guastatoya National Hospital.

In addition, at km 108 of the route to Polochic, a man identified as Lucas Witz, 61, suffered several injuries when he was run over by a motorcycle. Rescuers stabilized him and transferred him to a health center in Alta Verapaz.

A collision in which two trucks and a private vehicle were involved, the km 89 of the route to the Atlantic, left at least six people with fractures and blows.

The rescuers report that they treated Maderick Quines, 34, and Leticia Mazariegos, who were traveling in a private vehicle and were injured, but refused to be transferred to a health center.

Pablo Sacarías, 44, and Victoria Zapeta, 38, who were traveling in one of the trucks that were involved in the accident, were treated at the scene by lifeguards, in addition to the two cargo transport pilots, one of whom was identified as Eduardo López, 28.

In another accident, which occurred in Pueblo Nuevo, La Blanca, San Marcos, a motorcycle accident injured Carlos Gramajo, 22, who was transferred to the emergency department of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute in Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango.

Also, at km 217 of the route from San Juan Chamelco to Cobán, Gustavo Tayico, 30, was injured by a mishap.

Antonio Lugos, 45, died and could no longer be assisted by lifeguards in the Las Victorias neighborhood, La Blanca, San Marcos, due to serious injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident.

In addition, in the metropolitan area the Municipal Firefighters report several motorcyclist accidents in Mixco.

The Volunteer Firefighters report that on the Belize bridge they located a person who died of multiple trauma after being hit during the night.

In addition, in the Cruz de los Vados neighborhood, zone 18, another unidentified motorist died in a traffic accident.

Traffic authorities and first responders ask motorists to exercise caution during the end of the year festivities, to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages if they are going to drive and to respect speed limits and traffic signs.

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