Finding focus within the next juncture

The year ahead brings with it some challenges that, seen from a stoic perspective, may be opportunities to improve the country and have a more hopeful electoral scenario in 2023. But without a vision of the country, the weak institutions we have are at risk.

2022 will be marked by a great political burden since it is a pre-electoral year, which means that the different parties of the political system finish consolidating and put aside temporary agreements between other parties and focus on strengthening their presence in the face of the electorate.

At the end of this year we see some components that can give us a good image of the dynamics that will be taking place next year. The cancellation of the UCN and UNE party. The first is seen to be closer in time than the second, but if the cancellation of the UNE party materializes, it would be ending a political era that could oxygenate the political system.

In addition to all the changes between political parties that we will see next year —which will have little effect on a fundamental change in the electoral / political system because the lack of reform in the electoral law continues— we will have elections for Attorney General, Human Rights Ombudsman, Comptroller General of Accounts and Attorney General of the Nation.

The situation of the judicial system in the country continues to deteriorate. The lack of alternation of power in one of the powers of the State must be addressed as soon as possible, the real opportunity lies in that in addition to having an election of the Cortes, we will enter into a serious discussion and effort to improve the model of election and management of the judicial system.

The nation’s overall budget requires urgent focus. The risks of having a general budget without a clear investment direction, with few mechanisms of quality of expenditure, with unjustified increases and with higher public debt is not only immoral in the face of wasting funds, but also becomes the spoils of the populist politicians to stay in power.

Refocusing and rescuing the tool of the general budget of the Nation as a quality spending mechanism, priority of emergency public policies (such as chronic malnutrition) and ensuring a quality infrastructure for the population is a strong task that we have as a society.

At the end of 2021, Guatemala will have a positive growth of the gross domestic product of around 7% thanks to temporary resilience, as well as extraordinary conditions and factors. This economic growth can be a political engine to overcome the institutional limitations that we have to have growth accompanied by development in a sustainable way.

Achieving this requires having a clear direction of the nation. Having a nation course is of great benefit to the citizens and even the (serious) politicians of a country. Guatemala needs different actors and sectors to be able to answer the question, where is the country going? unison and are committed to achieving it. Efforts are beginning to be promoted in this way. 2022 could be a key year to define materialize it. Thus, entering the 2023 electoral year with a clear direction and not reacting to the situation at the moment without a definite direction.

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